Thomas Davis M.A. Oxon, Vicar of Roundhay for a long time. Kicked the bucket November eleventh 1887, matured 83 years 

The child of the Rev Richard Francis Davis DD (ca. 1766– 1844), by his marriage to Sarah Stable, Davis was conceived at Worcester, where his dad had been minister since 1795, and his granddad had been the Mayor of Worcester, Thomas Davis Esq. (d.1820). Thomas Davis was taught at Queen's College, Oxford, graduating Bachelor of Arts in 1832. He continued to Master of Arts. In 1833 Davis was appointed a cleric and turned into his dad's clergyman at Worcester, and in 1840 was designated Vicar of Roundhay, Leeds in Yorkshire. Davis' dad passed on at the age of seventy-eight on Christmas Day, 1844, of "a savage cold".

On 10 December 1839, at Stratford-upon-Avon, Davis wedded Christiana Maria Hobbes, a little girl of Robert Hobbes, lawyer at-law, and somewhere in the range of 1843 and 1851 they had six youngsters, Christiana F., Arthur Sladen, Henry Champney, Mary Sarah, Harriet Albina, and Emily Judith. Davis passed on 11 November 1887 at Heslington, Yorkshire, matured eighty-three, while his widow endure him until 1899. 

Questionable vocation 

Davis is recorded in The Westminster Review as "one of the upright minister of the Church of England" who was "not able lecture the regulation of interminable torment". A Philosophical Radical, Davis' disputable perspectives were distributed in 1866 in his book Endless Sufferings not the Doctrine of Scripture.

Davis' girl Harriet Albina (1850– 1892) wedded Francis Martineau Lupton of Leeds, and their little girl Olive Christiana Lupton (1881– 1936) was the grandma of Michael Francis Middleton, father of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Pippa Middleton.


  • Reverential Verse for a Month, &c. (1855)
  • Tunes for the Suffering (1859)
  • Unlimited Sufferings not the Doctrine of Scripture (1866)
  • Annus Sanctus; or, Aids to Holiness in Verse (1877) 

Davis' striking songs incorporate Sing, ye seraphs in the sky and O Paradise interminable!

Thomas Davis