Hannah Snell was conceived in Worcester, England on 23 April 1723. Local people guarantee that she played a fighter even as a kid. In 1740, she moved to London and hitched James Summes on 18 January 1744. She named herself Bob Corigan so she could battle. 

Hannah Snell

She brought forth a little girl, Susannah, who kicked the bucket a year later. Snell obtained a male suit from her brother by marriage James Gray, expected his name, and started to scan for Summes, who had surrendered her while she was pregnant with his tyke. She later discovered that her significant other had been executed for homicide. As indicated by her record, following the passing of her little girl, on 23 November 1745, she joined John Guise's regiment, the sixth Regiment of Foot, in the armed force of the Duke of Cumberland against Bonnie Prince Charlie 

She betrayed when her sergeant gave her 500 lashes and moved to Portsmouth and joined the Marines. She boarded the ship Swallow at Portsmouth. The ship cruised to Lisbon. Her unit was going to attack Mauritius, yet the assault was canceled. Her unit at that point cruised to India. 

In August 1748, her unit was sent to a campaign to catch the French province of Pondicherry in India. Afterward, she likewise battled in the fight in Devicottail in June 1749. She was injured multiple times to the legs. 

She was additionally shot in her crotch and to abstain from uncovering her sexual orientation, she educated a neighborhood lady to take out the projectile as opposed to being tended by the regimental specialist. 

In 1750, her unit came back to Britain and went from Portsmouth to London, where she uncovered her sex to her shipmates on 2 June. She requested of the Duke of Cumberland, the leader of the armed force, for her benefits. She likewise sold her story to London distributer Robert Walker, who distributed her record, The Female Soldier, in two unique versions. She likewise started to show up in front of an audience in her uniform introducing military penetrates and singing melodies. Three painters painted her representation in her uniform and The Gentleman's Magazine revealed her cases. She was respectably released and the Royal Hospital, Chelsea formally perceived Snell's military administration in November and allowed her a benefits in 1750 (expanded in 1785), an uncommon thing back then. 

Hannah resigned to Wapping and started to keep a bar named The Female Warrior (or The Widow in Masquerade, accounts deviate) however it didn't keep going long. By the mid-1750s, she was living in Newbury in Berkshire. In 1759, she wedded Richard Eyles there, with whom she had two youngsters. In 1772, she wedded Richard Habgood of Welford, additionally in Berkshire, and the two moved to the Midlands. In 1785, she was living with her child George Spence Eyles, an agent, on Church Street, Stoke Newington. 

In 1791 her psychological condition all of a sudden exacerbated. She was admitted to Bethlem Hospital on 20 August. She kicked the bucket on 8 February 1792. 

Social references 

Writer Shirley Gee has composed two anecdotal sensations of Snell's life: a radio play, Against the Wind (1988) and a phase play, Warrior (1989).