Ellen Wood (née Price; 17 January 1814 – 10 February 1887), was an English writer, otherwise called Mrs. Henry Wood. She is best associated with her 1861 novel East Lynne, however a considerable lot of her books wound up universal smash hits and boundless in the United States. In her time, she outperformed the notoriety of Charles Dickens in Australia.

Ellen Wood (creator)


Ellen Price was conceived in Worcester in 1814. In 1836 she hitched Henry Wood, who worked in the saving money and transportation exchange Dauphiné in the South of France, where they lived for 20 years. On the disappointment of Wood's matter of fact, the family (counting four youngsters) came back to England and settled in Upper Norwood close London, where Ellen Wood swung to composing. This upheld the family (Henry Wood kicked the bucket in 1866). She composed more than 30 books, a considerable lot of which (particularly East Lynne) delighted in amazing prevalence. Among the best known are Danesbury House, Oswald Cray, Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles, The Channings, Lord Oakburn's Daughters and The Shadow of Ashlydyat. Her composition tone would be portrayed as "moderate and Christian," at times communicating religious rhetoric.

In 1867, Wood acquired the English magazine Argosy, which had been established by Alexander Strahan in 1865. She composed a significant part of the magazine herself, however different supporters included Hesba Stretton, Julia Kavanagh, Christina Rossetti, Sarah Doudney and Rosa Nouchette Carey. Wood proceeded as its manager until her passing in 1887, when her child Charles Wood took over.

Wood's works were converted into numerous dialects, including French and Russian. Leo Tolstoy, in a 9 March 1872 letter to his more seasoned sibling Sergei, noticed that he was "perusing Mrs. Wood's great novel In the Maze".

Wood composed a few works of otherworldly fiction, including "The Ghost" (1862) and the regularly anthologized "Reality or Delusion?" (1868).

At her passing (caused by bronchitis), her bequest was esteemed at over £36,000, which was then an exceptionally significant entirety. She was covered in Highgate Cemetery, London. A landmark to her was revealed in Worcester Cathedral in 1916. 


  • Mrs Henry Wood's tomb, Highgate Cemetery 
  • These are the main distributed UK versions as indexed by the British Library, with strengthening data from a master book retailers' catalogue.
  • Danesbury House (1860) 
  • East Lynne (1861) 
  • The Elchester College Boys (1861) 
  • A Life's Secret (1862) 
  • Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles (1862) 
  • The Channings (1862) 
  • The Foggy Night at Offord: A Christmas Gift for the Lancashire Fund (1863) 
  • The Shadow of Ashlydyat (1863) 
  • Verner's Pride (1863) 
  • Ruler Oakburn's Daughters (1864) 
  • Oswald Cray (1864) 
  • Trevlyn Hold; or, Squire Trevlyn's Heir (1864) 
  • William Allair; or, Running ceaselessly to Sea (1864) 
  • Mildred Arkell: A Novel (1865) 
  • The Argosy (1865) 
  • Elster's Folly: A Novel (1866) 
  • St. Martin's Eve: A Novel (1866) 
  • Woman Adelaide's Oath (1867) 
  • Orville College: A Story (1867) 
  • The Ghost of the Hollow Field (1867) 
  • Anne Hereford: A Novel (1868)
  • Palace Wafer; or, The Plain Gold Ring (1868) 
  • The Red Court Farm: A Novel (1868) 
  • Roland Yorke: A Novel (1869) 
  • Bessy Rane: A Novel (1870) 
  • George Canterbury's Will (1870) 
  • Dene Hollow (1871) 
  • Inside the Maze: A Novel (1872) 
  • The Master of Greylands (1872) 
  • Johnny Ludlow (1874) 
  • Bessy Wells (1875) 
  • Told in the Twilight: Containing "Parkwater" and nine shorter stories (1875) 
  • Adam Grainger: A Tale (1876) 
  • Edina (1876) 
  • Our Children (1876) 
  • Parkwater: With four different stories (1876) 
  • Pomeroy Abbey (1878) 
  • Woman Adelaide (1879) 
  • Johnny Ludlow, Second Series (1880) 
  • A Tale of Sin and Other Tales (1881) 
  • Court Netherleigh: A Novel (1881) 
  • About Ourselves (1883) 
  • Johnny Ludlow. Third Series (1885) 
  • Woman Grace and Other Stories (1887) 
  • The Story of Charles Strange (1888) 
  • Featherston's Story. A Tale by Johnny Ludlow (1889) 
  • The Unholy Wish and Other Stories (1890) 
  • The House of Halliwell. A Novel (1890) 
  • Ashley and Other Stories (1897) 
  • Victor Serenus (1898)
  • Johnny Ludlow. Fifth arrangement (1899) 
  • Johnny Ludlow. 6th arrangement (1899) 

A few interpretations 

  • Les Channing. Traduit de l'Anglais standard Mme Abric-Encontre (1864) 
  • Les Filles de Lord Oakburn: Roman traduit de l'anglais standard L. Bochet (1876) 
  • La Gloire des Verner: Roman traduit de l'anglais standard L. de L'Estrive (1878) 
  • Le Serment de Lady Adelaïde: Roman traduit de l'anglais standard Léon Bochet (1878)

    Ellen Wood